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 Bel Air Development Rapid Response, Concord

INNOVEX was retained by Bel Air Development/Zimmerman Investments to investigate a newly reported contamination case associated with one of its tenants within a shopping center complex in Concord California. Based on newly obtained environmental data, INNOVEX determined that a catastrophic subsurface chemical release had occurred, and initiated rapid remedial response measures to prevent the spreading of the contaminants throughout soil and groundwater.

At the request of Bel Air Development’s legal counsel, INNOVEX managed regulatory negotiations with state, county, and local oversight agencies and assisted with cost recovery and insurance negotiations. In the process of determining the extent and magnitude of the release, our staff performed a subsurface investigation, which identified over 49 inches of light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) floating on the groundwater surface. Based on these findings, INNOVEX ultimately performed the excavation of more than 700 cubic yards of contaminated soil, tanks, piping, and appurtenances.

INNOVEX continues to assist Bel Air Development through the remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) process. INNOVEX is currently evaluating the feasibility of several remedial strategies, and is in the process of conducting a soil vapor extraction/groundwater extraction pilot test to evaluate appropriateness of a final remedy.

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